Emergency transport social business in rural Mozambique

A Oka-Taxi driver in Chiure district, Mozambique

©Sonil Joanguete


There is hardly any motorised transport for medical emergencies in northern Mozambique. This can become a deadly risk for mother and child if there are pregnancy complications. Together with a local cooperative, SolidarMed is testing a new ambulance model.



The Project

The social enterprise ‘Okalihera’ rents out TukTuks (Oka-Taxis) to selected entrepreneur/-taxi drivers from communities and guarantees the maintenance of the vehicles. These entrepreneurs run their own taxi business to make a living and pay for the rent of the TukTuk. By renting the TukTuk from Okalihera, the driver commits to drive all pregnancy related maternal emergencies from his/her community to the next health facility – immediately and for free. Each driver is accountable to his/her own community. The LogBooks from each Tuk-Tuk inform about their daily activities. 

Key Achievements


Impact: More than 100 women transported in 2019

Swiss Solidarity Innovation Grant

  • Project Start (April)
  • Data collection in Cambodia during the summer (cf EPFL News)
  • HMP presentation at the Geneva Health Forum (April), the events “Révolution numérique et philanthropie avec Facebook” in Paris (October) and “Technologies for a brighter world” in Bern (October)
Sashidhar Jonnalagedda

Sashidhar Jonnalagedda

Project Manager

EPFL Laboratories