Humanitarian Tech Hub

Responding to current humanitarian challenges

Today, humanitarian needs are massive and responding to them has gotten more and more difficult. Conflicts last longer, often in urban settings with important regional impact. In this complex context and constant changes innovative solutions have to be developed to address the ground reality. With this in mind, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and EPFL have decided to launch the Humanitarian Tech Hub (HTH) which combines the innovative capacity of EPFL and the humanitarian expertise of the ICRC.


The HTH programme has the mission of gathering researchers, humanitarian personnel and other stakeholders to build upon existing approaches as well as develop innovative solutions for humanitarian response.

As a hub the programme encourages interactions between experts from various fields and regions to ensure that developed solutions are scientifically valid et appropriate for the humanitarian context.

HTH follows the value chain methodology developed by EssentialTech to ensure that developed solutions have a long lasting impact.


Our collaboration with EPFL reflects our ambition to respond adequately and efficiently to the growing humanitarian needs. It is through innovative approaches and working together that we can better help the most vulnerable.

Pascal Hundt

Head of Assistance Division, ICRC