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Oka Taxi

Oka Taxi gave more than 200 smiles to Mozambique in the year 2019. This is a taxi which not only boosts the local economy but also provides free ambulance services to all the pregnant women in the nothern Mozambique.

HelloMask – Storytelling

First fully transparent mask

Hello Mask Teaser

The aim of the Hello Mask project is to develop a transparent mask that would allow patients to see the faces of their carers and visitors. By establishing less stressful relationships with the people around them in the hospital, young patients’ overall condition...

Video: Technology Innovation for Development and Humanitarian Action

How Science and Technology can be harnessed to support Development and Humanitarian Action

Documentary: X-Ray Machines: Africa’s Broken System

52-minute documentary film shot in Cameroon and Switzerland. This film deals with the issues and problems of donating medical equipment.

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