Technology Innovation for Development and Humanitarian Action

EssentialTech Center is a research centre attached to EPFL’s Vice Presidency for Research. Its goal is technology innovation for development, for humanitarian action and for the promotion of peace. Its approach combines technology development with the elaboration of innovative business models for a sustainable and large-scale impact. EssentialTech was launched by EPFL in 2011 as a programme; based on its successes, EPFL’s presidency has decided to elevate it to become a centre in 2018.


Humanitarian Action

Latest News and Updates

Pneumoscope Video

An intelligent stethoscope for the diagnosis of lung diseases

Video: Technology Innovation for Development and Humanitarian Action

How Science and Technology can be harnessed to support Development and Humanitarian Action

Documentary: X-Ray Machines: Africa’s Broken System

52-minute documentary film shot in Cameroon and Switzerland. This film deals with the issues and problems of donating medical equipment.

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